Why are our prices so low?

    • We are a small company and don’t have much overhead, which is why you will usually get a voicemail system when you first call us.  We don’t want or need to waste your money on live receptionists and other fluff.  Your call will usually be returned by one of the owners of the company.

    • We don’t have investors that are intent on maximizing their own income at the expense of customers.  What you see is what you get.  A good product at an exceptional price that does what it says.

    • We don’t have salespeople, they just add to your cost….and we are not salespeople.  If you want someone that will keep hounding you until you purchase you should look elsewhere.  We will return your calls, inquiries and emails but we won’t keep harassing you.  If you want our product, then we are happy to work with you.  If not, then that is fine too.


    • We don’t believe the e-AWV should just be a tool to sell other services or products.  Our system stands alone.


    • We know that everyone thinks medical practices are flush with money to spend.  We know better.  You focus on providing the best care you can for your patients and you should receive the financial benefits instead of paying it to someone else.


    • We are not trying to become millionaires by fleecing providers with lots of hype and promises, although we do want to make a living wage.  Our software is built and paid for, our only expense now is maintenance, upgrades, and the cost to train our users.


    • We want to help you help your patients by providing an affordable, but valuable resource so you can be comfortable that your AWVs are being done correctly, consistently, and providing a value for your patients.


    • We know you are sick of new software that promises the world but just makes it harder for you to do your job.  Our system is very specific, focused and easy to use.


    • We recognize that our e-AWV system is not perfect, and we have plans for significant upgrades once we have enough income to pay for that process.  In the meantime, we use the system ourselves and know that it works well for it’s intended purpose:  doing AWVs.


    • We don’t customize our software for different practices.  We have honed our system to do what is necessary for your patients and to meet Medicare requirements.  If you want something grandiose or customized, you should look elsewhere.


    • We know our software is not the right fit for every situation, and we will let you know if we think other options are better. We are still happy to answer any questions you may have about the AWV and Medicare’s preventive services.


  • If you want on-site assistance getting your wellness program up and running (whether you use our system or not), we offer consultation services for just that purpose. We have experience setting up wellness programs, hiring staff, preparing your billing department, training and education of both providers and staff, and patient/community outreach.  But, this does cost extra.

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