e-AWV®:  Patient Information

Your Medicare AWV….explained



Learn about your health status and free preventive screenings

Review Meds

Review your medications to ensure you are taking them correctly.

Keep Your Clothes On

The AWV is an educational visit, not a diagnostic visit, so there is no physical exam required.

Health Profile

Receive a printed and online Personal Health Profile at the end of your e-AWV.

Discuss medical/family history

Review Medications

Perform a health risk assessment

Set up a prevention plan

Did you know?

  • The Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) is not a physical exam.   Medicare does not pay for an annual physical examination.
  • The AWV is your opportunity to sit down with a healthcare clinician and ensure that you have a good understanding of your current health status, and that your provider is also aware of your current status.
  • Medicare requires many very specific things be done during the AWV, including:
    • Review of your medical and surgical history, as well as family history
    • Review of all your medications, both prescribed and over-the-counter, including herbal supplements and vitamins
    • Create a list of all your providers including doctors, pharmacists, chiropractors, home health, therapists, and equipment suppliers
    • Review your immunizations and make recommendations if needed
    • Perform a Health Risk Assessment
    • Make appropriate recommendations and referrals for services
  • At the AWV, your provider MUST give you a written schedule of preventive screenings you are eligible for in the next 5-10 years
  • During the AWV, you may also discuss setting up an Advance Directive or Living Will to ensure your desires are followed in the event you are unable to communicate.
  • The e-AWV system helps your provider meet all of the requirements and also gives you a printed Personal Health Portfolio,  wallet cards for emergencies, an Online Health Portfolio you can view and print as needed, and an Advance Directive form for your state of residence.

If you had an Annual Wellness Visit and your provider did not do all of the items listed above, let us know so we can help them meet the Medicare requirements and avoid being audited for Medicare fraud.

I was so happy to receive a personal health record at the end of my Annual Wellness Visit.  My friends’ doctors don’t use a system like this and they thought it was a waste of their time to even drive to the doctor.    I like that I have everything I need on the little wallet cards in case I go to the ER or another doctor,  and I can even print it again from my computer if I want.

Paulette Inman

Jacks Creek, TN

My mother had her Annual Wellness Visit this winter and I was surprised when she called to give me the access code for her online health record.   It came in very handy a few weeks ago when she went to the ER confused and couldn’t remember her medical information.   The nurse called me and I was able to give him the access code.  He was very impressed and said he wished more patients had this available.  Thank you for giving me a way to share this information easily even though my mom lives several states away from me.

Gladys Wilson

Fresno, CA