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It’s just good business

Average Medicare Patients per PCP

Average $$ Reimbursement for Initial AWV

Average $$ Reimbusement for Subseq. AWV

Potential Annual $$ Reimbursement per PCP

Discuss medical/family history

Review Medications

Perform a health risk assessment

Set up a prevention plan

  • The e-AWV System decreases your audit risk by helping to ensure your practice is meeting the requirements for reimbursement
  • Using the e-AWV System, any licensed medical professional can perform the AWV (RN, LPN, CMA, EMT) within their scope of practice.
  • The e-AWV System allows most practices to DOUBLE their annual Medicare reimbursement without putting additional burden on physicians.
  • The e-AWV can be performed along with other procedures because there is no risk of duplicating documentation. (Check your MAC guidelines)
  • The e-AWV System creates additional reimbursement opportunities within your practice.
  • The e-AWV System creates a printed PPPS and Personal Health Record for your patients.
  • The e-AWV System was created by an RN to have a Patient Focus while meeting the needs of your medical practice.
  • Medicare WANTS to pay you for the Annual Wellness Visit because it saves taxpayer money through prevention
  • The e-AWV also meets the requirements for the IPPE as long as a visual acuity screening is also done
  • The e-AWV will adjust to new Medicare requirements and guidelines so you don’t have to
  • No subscription required, purchase only what you need. (Subscriptions are also available by request)
  • The Annual Wellness Visit is a preventive educational visit
  • The e-AWV System helps patients understand their own health situation
  • The e-AWV System creates a medication schedule for your patients that they can understand
  • The e-AWV System provides a list of all the patients health providers
  • The e-AWV System develops an immunization schedule
  • The e-AWV can be performed when a patient is in your office for another procedure/visit
  • The e-AWV System creates a printed Personal Health Portfolio for your patients
  • The e-AWV System provides online access to your patients Personal Health Portfolio

The Medicare Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) and the Welcome to Medicare (IPPE) Visit pay significantly higher rates than standard office visits.

 All patients with Medicare Part B or Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage) qualify.

Below are the national average rates for each visit, your actual rate will vary based on location:

G0402  Welcome to Medicare Visit (IPPE)       $180.27     One time only, in first 12 months of enrollment

G0438  Initial Annual Wellness Visit (AWV)    $172.36     One time only, at least 12 months after IPPE

G0439 Subseq Annual Wellness Visit (AWV)    $121.44     Every year after the Initial AWV

The e-AWV System costs approximately 20% of your reimbursement rate;  much less than the typical cost for similar products.

Volume discounts and subscription pricing are available.  Contact us for details at 816-866-5688 or through the form below.


To check the rate for your area, go to:  Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

 “We have used the e-AWV on almost 300 patients.  It is so much easier than a paper template, and guides my staff  through the entire process.  I wish EMR’s were this simple.  Our patients are happy to receive a full personal health record at the end of the e-AWV and feel they have a better understanding of their health.  We have increased our Medicare reimbursement while giving better care to our patients.”

Dr. Graham Jones, MD

Medford, NJ

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