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If you don't know your patient's history, how can you treat them effectively?

Innovative Health Media was created in 2010 by founders Charles Smith, RN BSN and David Wilson.   Mr. Smith had over 20 years experience in emergency medicine and intensive care.  His patient care experience led him to recognize that few patients have much understanding of their own health.  While he was trying to figure out how to address this issue, Congress established the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit.  Mr. Smith recognized that the AWV was the perfect vehicle to improve the health literacy of patients while also helping providers get a better understanding of their patients.

IHM became the first company to develop a comprehensive AWV template system that met the Medicare guidelines in 2010.   The founders quickly recognized that the paradigm shift from reactive care to preventive care was not being easily accepted by providers or patients.  Over the next several years, Medicare began pushing providers into the preventive care model by implementing reimbursement models based on quality scores, savings, and preventive screenings.

In 2015, Congress passed the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) which laid out a roadmap for forcing providers into the preventive care model through the Quality Payment Program (QPP).  The two tracks available under QPP are the Advanced Alternative Payment Models (APMs) or The Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS).  Providers that do not implement processes to focus on and improve their quality measures will find themselves being penalized up to 9% of their Medicare reimbursement in the next few years.

The Medicare Annual Wellness Visit is the foundation upon which all preventive services and quality measures are built.  In 2016, IHM participated in a pilot study at a group of nine clinics in the midwest.  Between May and December, 1155 AWVs were performed with the e-AWV software system.  The results were overwhelming, and resulted in projected savings of over $5million to Medicare due to early detection of several cancers including lung, colon, prostate and breast.  Few of these would have been detected early without the implementation of the AWV.  As part of this project, IHM developed a comprehensive system to help clinics develop a preventive service model.

IHM now wants to help you implement this model in your clinic to maximize your quality measures, patient outcomes, and revenues.

Chuck Smith, RN BSN

David Wilson

 “We have used the e-AWV on almost 300 patients.  It is so much easier than a paper template, and guides my staff  through the entire process.  I wish EMR’s were this simple.  Our patients are happy to receive a full personal health record at the end of the e-AWV and feel they have a better understanding of their health.  We have increased our Medicare reimbursement while giving better care to our patients.”

Dr. Graham Jones, MD

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